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Gem Riverside - Chủ đầu tư uy tín Đất Xanh Top 10 Bất động sản hàng đầu - Phong thủy cực thịnh 2 mặt giáp sông - Tọa lạc quận 2 kết nói khu vực lân cận thuận lợi - Cơ hội sinh lời cao cho các nhà đầu tư bất động sản - Vịnh Hạ Long giữa lòng Sài Gòn

Kim Travel

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ADS: Tìm hiểu Akari city

Akari City - Vị trí dự án: mặt tiền đường Võ Văn Kiệt và Hồ Ngọc Lãm, Phường An Lạc, Quận Bình Tân, Tp.HCM | Buổi lễ khai trương tổ hợp nhà mẫu The Western Capital đã thu hút hơn 1.000 khách hàng tham quan

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  1. Get the best journey with Kim Travel Kim Travel

    You want to get the unforgettable trip to the south of Vietnam. Let come with Kim Travel the best travel company in Ho Chi Minh city where you can take the best tour to discover the beautiful site of the people and nation here.

    Kim Travel the best international tour operations

    Kim travel is the international tour operations with the head office in HCM. We are the best travel company in Ho Chi Minh city.

    Was established in 2002, Kim Travel has over 15 years of experiences in opening a wide variety of tours for foreigners traveling to Vietnam such as Mekong Delta Tours, Cu Chi Tunnels Tours Travel from Ho Chi Minh city.

    Kim Travel often builds you an excellent trip through Ho Chi Minh city. We bring you closer to Vietnamese and show you the interesting and more authentic side of Vietnam which you only find here but not another city. After using our tour you definitely get the wonderful memory of life, people and the nation of Vietnam.

    Kim Travel best Tour

    When you come to the south of Vietnam don’t miss the attractive tour in Ho Chi Minh City. You won’t get the best tour to discover the most beautiful site of the city by a Ho Chi Minh city tour full day, half day and the Sai Gon by night after dinner or street food lover by night.

    In addition, don’t forget to enjoy our Mekong Delta Tour and explore villages and island on the Mekong Delta. It will bring you to another sight of life and people here.

    Why people using our tours

    Kim Tourist always gives you the quality trip at the best price. We are the trusty partner of more international tour operation in many countries. Besides that, Kim Travel has a professional team to support customer 24/7. We always give you full support to figure out the most attractive side of the city. So don’t hesitate to ask any question about people and culture of Vietnam.

    Kim Travel has an excellent rate on Tripadvisor. We often receive positive feedback about both product and services. That is why our customer always feels please with our attractive destination and friendly and enthusiastic customer services.

    The best price for the customer

    Kim Tourist gives the competitive price in addition to flexible changes and amendments. We always build the detail price list to statement all fee and make sure that you won’t get any extra fees on the trip.

    Only with 15 to100 dollars, you can purchase a full day or luxury half tour in Ho Chi Minh city. So let together try a half a full day trip in MeKong, Ho Chi Minh city or Cu Chi… or a luxury tour for the different experiences right now.

    The full support to customer

    The process of making a book and confirm is very easy. You just need to visit our website to place an order any time you want. Our enthusiastic staff will help you place a tour or get the best advice quickly.

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